What should I do if a filter clogs?

To avoid clogging our filters, we recommend storing the filters in a dry place, roll up loosely and inhale carefully. If you notice that a filter is starting to clog, gently warm it up with your lighter; this should help.

What makes your products sustainable?

Our activated charcoal filters are filled with coconut shell charcoal, which is a waste product from the production of foods and cometics containing coconut. This means that no trees have to be cleared and charred. We also pack our filters in paper instead of plastic. Sustainability also plays a major role in our long papers. These are not made of wood like normal longpapers, but from alfalfa so we don’t need to harvest trees. Alfalfa is a fast-growing plant that gives the papers their green color without using any other coloring agents.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are of course listed in our online shop, but also in various head shops, kiosks and online shops. If your trusted head shop doesn’t have our products yet, just suggest it to them!

"I like the filters very much because they are not only thin, they also look good."

- Laura S.

“Nice customer service and fast delivery! I would buy it again. "

- Orhan B.

"Sustainability is very important to me, which is why I chose 420z products."

- Lisa T.

"I like the gentle draft and the smooth and cool smoke feeling."

- Michael S.

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